You deserve jewelry that reflects you. Our aim is to provide minimal jewelry that you can wear every day which is a key inspiration for the pieces in our collection.

We started Gold Supply + to disrupt the notion that gold jewelry is only for a certain group of people. The gold industry used to be a traditional and cultural business but our vision is to diversify that business. Our jewelry line is set apart by bringing you solid 22K gold jewelry in the best quality, minimal designs, and at competitive rates for everyone. We are a new, up-and-coming jewelry brand with a background of 30+ years of experience, looking at you: this generation.

To give you a glimpse of who we are, what is in a name? Gold Supply + stands for 3 things:

1. Our brand focuses on marketing solid 22K gold to our customers.
2. Our supply for the finest gold comes from the CEO and founder’s father, Mr. Thambiah, which is then supplied to you and delivered to your doorstep.
3. The ‘+’ indicates that we don’t just stop at the products you see now. We are constantly making plans and hoping to add to our collection in the future.

Together, we want to break the trend where gold is not limited to a certain age, race, or status. Yes, gold comes at a price, however, we believe it is something to invest in. Our core value lies in being able to educate our customers to find a new way to see gold.

We are more than just a place to buy gold. We are a luxurious brand, and as a brand, Gold Supply + is continuously working. As a small company, we are challenging ourselves to set high standards, aspiring to create pieces people will love. We produce and deliver pieces meant to stay in your collection for a lifetime. We want our clients to be satisfied.

With that being said, we hope that you see gold the way we do. Above all else, we create with the dream of bringing to existence our ultimate mission: to inspire you to invest in quality and most importantly, to invest in yourself.

Why Buy From Us?

Gold Supply + is a Canadian jewelry brand founded in 2020 based in Toronto and Montreal. We acquire the finest gold constructed and designed in Singapore and Dubai.

We work with very talented goldsmiths to create our jewelry for you. Moreover, Gold Supply + is a family-oriented business. Joel’s father has over 30 years of experience working in the industry of wholesale gold.
He currently supplies gold to regional stores all around the world including Canada and Switzerland.

Our prices are highly competitive with retail prices for the same quality and jewelry you can find in stores. We run our business with a unique concept. One you don’t see too often. We offer a personal experience when you choose to buy from us. Here is how it works: First, you go online and browse the pieces we have in our collection. When you find a piece or pieces you think you might like, you are not compelled to buy on the spot. You can email us and set up an appointment and you will get a visit from one of our jewelry experts to see the pieces you like in person, hold it, try it on etc. Our jewelry experts will answer any questions or concerns you might have.

We love our customers because of their loyalty to our business, and we enjoy seeing how happy they are with their purchase when they buy from us. We guarantee you the best prices, service and value for your gold.

The Faces Behind Gold Supply +



Switzerland born, now made Toronto his home, Joel Thambiah, is the CEO and founder of up-and-coming jewelry brand, Gold Supply +. Primarily inspired by his father, Joel wanted to create a platform for his customers that delivers more than just jewelry—that apart from being a luxurious metal, gold is something to invest in.


NITASH SHEIKH | Co-founder | COO 

Meet Nitash Sheikh. COO and co-founder of Gold Supply +. Residing in Montreal, Quebec, Nitash and Joel met in Toronto 7 years ago and have been building their friendship ever since. Nitash has experience in the sales background and his favourite part about being on the Gold Supply + team is being partners with Joel and being able to create and give others an environment where he can build relationships with his customers along with running a successful business from two different locations.