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Work with us and earn commission on each purchase.*

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We offer employee discounts on personal purchases.

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Brand Ambassador Program

Gold Supply + is more than just a luxury jewelry brand; it is a community of people. Having the right group of people supporting us along our journey is so important to us. With that being said, we are happy to announce our new Brand Ambassador Program. 

We are looking for brand ambassadors; people who are not just influencers in their communities, but people who share our values and the heart of our business. We want to work with people who connect with and understand our mission. 

The Gold Supply + Brand Ambassador Program is a special group of wholehearted individuals who are influential on social media, passionate, and eager to spread the word about Gold Supply +’s jewelry, pursuit, and what we stand for. These select individuals will be the first to know about our upcoming releases, launches, sales and campaigns.

Interested in Being a Brand Ambassador?

Just click on the sign up button above and you will be re-directed to a page where you can register. Once you apply, we will run a screening and if you get accepted, you will receive a custom promo code created just for you. When you share the code with others, it will give customers a 10% discount on EVERY purchase (of the purchase price, before taxes & shipping) on our website when they use your link. Applies online only. 

Anytime a customer makes a purchase on our website with your promo code, you will earn a 5% commission (of the purchase price, before taxes & shipping). Payments will be issued to you once a month via cheque when your commission total reaches $100 and over.

How Can I Promote Gold Supply +

That's up to you! We suggest starting with the people closest to you. If you think any friends or family might like our jewelry, let them know that you are a part of our team and that you can get them a discount. You can use your social media platforms to drive targeted traffic to the GS+ website by sharing how you style our luxe pieces along with your code and tagging us. Many people chose to post photos and stories along with their code to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or put the code in their bio. Help spread the word about the Gold Supply + brand and encourage others to join the community.

Benefits of Becoming a GS+ Brand Ambassador:

Becoming a member of the Gold Supply + family means gaining a few extra advantages: 

• *Members will earn a commission of 5% on the total amount a customer spends (of the purchase price, before taxes & shipping) using your personal code. Applies online only.
• Members will receive manufacture’s pricing (employee discount) on personal purchases. 
• Members will have the chance of building their own portfolio which can be used to show potential job employers and get noticed by different audiences. This includes being featured on the Gold Supply + website, Instagram and Facebook page. 
• Our efforts in teaming with you can present you with opportunities to help you grow as an influential leader in the fashion community along with enhancing your social and professional networks. 
• Be part of a community that educates others about the importance and benefits of investing in gold.
• Represent Gold Supply + in a professional light and spread our mission. 

How Do I Join?

Simply fill out the form once you click the sign up button above and we'll get back to you shortly! If you don't receive an email back from us within 24-48 hours please check your spam folder. If you use Gmail check the ‘Promotions’ folder. For any questions about the Brand Ambassador Program, feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to or DM us on Instagram @goldsupplyplus